Dear Subscribers:

We are very excited to announce that we are making a BIG change in 2015.   We are saying goodbye to Miss Kitty's Journal (December, 2014) and saying “Hello” to our new magazine, Yellow Roses

Why are we making this change?

We are expanding to include more women’s groups.  Over the years, women from all organizations and groups have been interested in our magazine and asking for the same for their group. That brought us to entertaining the thought of showcasing, under one umbrella, several groups that represent women that are looking for—or engaged in—fun, friendship, and giving through belonging to women’s organizations. That is our message through our new publication Yellow Roses.

The ending of Miss Kitty's Journal does not end our 10-year communication and devotion to our Red Hat Society sisters and we will always hold our Red Hat sisters close to our hearts.  My Red Hat spirit will always be with me as I continue my membership and my chapter (Miss Kitty's Social Club) in the Red Hat Society.  My sisterhood with all Red Hatters and Hatquarters will continue throughout the pages of our new magazine. 

I will always remain "Miss Kitty."  That name has been with me forever. 

Forever Love In our Hats,

Miss Kitty